Jason Resnikoff Receives Graduate Student Preceptor Award

American Studies adviser Jason Resnikoff has been recognized by the Columbia College Committee on the Core for his exceptional work as a Contemporary Civilization instructor. The Committee's student representatives named Resnikoff 2016-2017 Outstanding Graduate Student Preceptor, an award offered with the following commendation:

"We have selected Jason Resnikoff for the Graduate Student Core Preceptor Award for excellence in teaching Contemporary Civilization. Personable and professional, Professor Resnikoff demonstrated an ability to encourage rigorous thinking regarding the texts and how they apply to the Core as a whole and beyond. Professor Resnikoff guides his students with a lucid understanding of how philosophy shapes—or doesn’t shape—reality, acknowledging the strengths and limitations of extrapolating action from the world of thought. In asking provocative questions and treating students as intellectual equals, Professor Resnikoff facilitates an environment well-suited to active engagement with Core material and its consequences."

April 21, 2017