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The Jay Heritage Center (JHC) hosted the inaugural Margaret Nolan O’Neill Fellowship Presentation, featuring this year’s first O’Neill Fellow, Fenw

How sexist is Hollywood? Check out Geena Davis's Spreadsheet in the New York Times.

Prof. Chris Wiggins and Prof. Matthew L. Jones on their new book: How Data Happened. 

Prof. Cathleen Price talking about the influence of race and poverty in the American system of confronting the challenge of crime.

In conversation with David Nasaw

Center for American Studies Open House

A talk by Elisa Tamarkin 
Professor of English, UC Berkeley

American Studies' Salon Talk with Prof. John McWhorter

Presented by The Center for American Studies and the Film and Media Studies Program at the School of the Arts.

American Studies' Salon Talk with Dr. Valerie Paley 

Andrew Delbanco will deliver his lecture, “The Question of Reparations: Our Past, Our Present, Our Future,” on October 19, 2022, at President Linco