The Center for Women's History: The New-York Historical Society's Landmark Addition

In an interview for WNYC News, Valerie Paley discusses the New-York Historical Society's new Center for Women's History.

The Center for Women's History brings together untold narratives of women who shaped American society and politics, in an effort to present a fuller picture of history. The first permanent institution of its kind, the Center for Women's History will house exhibitions, a research library, and an education program for the development of K-12 curricula. 

The Center presently features "Saving Washington," an exhibition that recasts the country's early days of independence. It studies the activity and influence of women such as Dolley Madison, wife of James Madison. Presenting over 150 historical objects and immersive installations, "Saving Washington" showcases the tensions central to women's political engagement in a period that denied them rights of citizenship.

April 04, 2017