Jessica Lee at the Heyman Center Public Humanities Symposium


Tuesday, April 10, 2:00pm

Butler Library, Room 522

The Heyman Center Public Humanities Initiative envisions ways for scholars to interact with and facilitate access to humanities scholarship for a larger public outside of academia. Freedom & Citizenship's Associate Director Jessica Lee will present one of three pilot projects focusing on the impact of scholarship on civic life and society. 

Dr. Lee's pilot program is a collaboration between the Center for American Studies and the Double Discovery Center. Its goal is to provide an introduction to the humanities and civic engagement to young New Yorkers. While Freedom & Citizenship works with high school seniors who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to academics and civics, the pilot program will target middle school students to instill interest in the humanities, college education, and civic engagement before they enter high school. Called "Socrates to Snapchat" the program has students examining challenging civic problems across time and space during four days of educational programming. Alumni of F&C will serve as teachers and teaching assistants. Any F&C alumni interested in working with Socrates to Snapchat should contact Dr. Lee directly. 

All are welcome to attend the symposium, please RSVP here. 

April 10, 2018