Jason Resnikoff CC '08, GSAS '19 to Celebrate Book Launch, "Labor's End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work"

Join Jason Resnikoff (History Department PhD Alum '19) and Nelson Lichtenstein for a virtual event celebrating the release of "Labor's End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work" on March 1 at 11am PT / 2PM EST.

Learn more about the book: https://go.illinois.edu/f21resnikoff

Jason Resnikoff is a Core Lecturer in the History Department at Columbia University. He specializes in labor history, the history of global capitalism, intellectual history, and the history of technology. His book, "Labor’s End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work," explores the ideological origins of automation in the US in the middle of the twentieth century. You can find his work in Labor,  International Labor and Working-Class History, Tropics of Meta, Zócalo Public Square, Western Humanities Review, Paris Review Daily, and the Encyclopedia of American Recessions and Depressions. He is affiliated with Columbia University’s American Studies Department, where he advises undergraduate senior theses, as well as Columbia’s Justice in Education initiative, through which he teaches incarcerated students. His time working as an organizer for the United Auto Workers grounds his scholarship. His current research interests include the intersection of racism and technology.

Join the event here.

March 01, 2022
Jason Resnikoff Labor's End virtual book launch