Valerie Paley

Valerie Paley is vice president, director of the Center for Women’s History, and chief historian at the New-York Historical Society. A graduate of Vassar College, she holds an MA in American Studies and a PhD in History from Columbia University.

Paley’s responsibilities at the New-York Historical Society encompass a critical range of curatorial, educational, and administrative roles, which include the development of the new Center for Women’s History, curating permanent and temporary exhibitions, supervising pre- and postdoctoral fellows as former Dean of Scholarly Programs, and editing publications. In 2011, she curated the institution’s permanent exhibition, New York and the Nation, an installation which continues to provide an intellectually dynamic and visually impressive introduction to the museum for all who visit. Paley serves on the board of Humanities New York and is an elected member of the Council (governing board) of the American Historical Association.