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In its Fall/Winter 2018 issue, the Columbia Newsletter writes that Freedom & Citizenship "has raised the bar in developing our next ge

Lynne Foote (CC '16) invites students to attend the Burleigh Society's annual concert on March 2, featuring the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Formerly Director of the Core Curriculum, Professor Montás has joined the Center's faculty to teach courses on American literature and culture.

Benji De La Piedra (CC, American Studies, 2014) gave a public lecture at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies on the life of Herbert Denton Jr.,

On New Year's Eve, Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her run for president in 2020, and the media went wild.

Center for American Studies Professor Andrew Delbanco has recently published a book, The War Before the War: Fugitive Slaves and the Struggle f

Andrew Delbanco discusses America's fugitive slave story of the 19th century and what it means for America today in New York Times

The Alexander Hamilton Medal is the highest honor awarded to a member of the Columbia College community for distinguished service to the College an

On November 6th, 2018, "The War Before the War: Fugitive Slaves and the Struggle for America's Soul from the Revolution to the Civil War" will beco