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A talk by Elisa Tamarkin 
Professor of English, UC Berkeley

American Studies' Salon Talk with Prof. John McWhorter

Presented by The Center for American Studies and the Film and Media Studies Program at the School of the Arts.

American Studies' Salon Talk with Dr. Valerie Paley 

Andrew Delbanco will deliver his lecture, “The Question of Reparations: Our Past, Our Present, Our Future,” on October 19, 2022, at President Linco

For 22 years, Women and the Silent Screen (WSS), a biennial international conference sponsored by 

Join Jason Resnikoff (History Department PhD Alum '19) and Nelson Lichtenstein for a virtual event celebrating the release of "Labor's End: How the

American Studies mourns the loss of Todd Gitlin, who taught a course on The Sixties for the Center for American Studies. Read more about his legacy

In an essay for the Wall Street Journal, Roosevelt Montás argues, "Far from being elitist, a college curriculum focused on the Western classics can

Labor’s End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work, explores the ideological origins of automation in the US in the middle of the tw

In this very personal book, Roosevelt reflects on the experience of immigrating to the United States as a teenager and attending Columbia as a low-