Roosevelt Montas

Roosevelt Montàs is Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum at Columbia College.  He holds an A.B., Columbia College (1995), and an M.A. (1996) and Ph.D. (2004) in English, Columbia University.  Roosevelt is Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum, at Columbia College.  Montàs specializes in Antebellum American literature and culture, with a particular interest in American citizenship.  His dissertation, Rethinking America: Abolitionism and the Antebellum Transformation of the Discourse of National Identity, won Columbia University’s 2004 Bancroft Award.  In 2000, he received the Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student. Montàs regularly teaches “Introduction to Contemporary Civilization,” a year-long course on primary texts in moral and political thought in the West, as well as a seminar for the Center for American Studies entitled “Freedom and Citizenship in the United States.”  Montàs is also a seminar instructor for the Freedom and Citizenship program sponsored by the Center for American Studies and the Double Discovery Center.  As Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum he speaks frequently on the history, meaning, and future of liberal education.